Books, Stories, and Other Writing


Why I Don’t Write Like Franz Kafka. New York: Ecco Press, 1977. Reprinted 2002.

Birth Place: Moving Into Nearness. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1982. Nominee: PEN-Faulkner Award

(End Construction 1) with Daniel Wenk. Stuttgart: D. Wenk, 2000.

Other Essays and Stories

“The Exemptions of Beauty”, Exit, London, no. 4, Spring-Summer, 2002

“The End of Exemptions for Beauty”, Electronic Book Review, posted January 2003

“Learning/Writing” Columbia, no. 12, 1987

“Conveyance: The Story I Would Not Want Bill Wilson to Read”, The Paris Review, no. 70, Summer 1977

“Where Love May Now Be Sheer Energy of Attention”, Antaeus, no. 21/22, Spring/Summer 1976