[Ray Johnson & letters: WW-MM, oo-00; MIND-WIND; SAIL-SALE]

Subject: (no subject)                                                 Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 10:10 PM
From: Bill Wilson
To: Sofia Kofodimos

Charles: …I’ll ask you if I am allowed to read the WW of “Wood Weasel” as upside down MM? “Wood-warden”? Ray began a set of names with 13 letters: Edgar Allen Poe; “William Wilson”; Marilyn Monroe; Marianne Moore — Michael Malce — the letters plus an accent over the e — and he was aware that MAY WILSON had M and W (he saw u as n, then saw n in h,with b, p and d identical yet different). I think that these minute even trivial details can snag themes, an an upside down acrostic might imitate a person turned upside down by feelings (passions). Head to toe?:
I’m using “Mind on Schumann”– Ray saw MIND as identical with WIND, then wrote & photographed posters, WIND FOR SALE. SAIL FOR SALE. SALE FOR SALE. TON FOR SALE with a reversal became NOT FOR SALE. M.M.’s reversal — upside down acrostic — becomes associable with Ray standing things on their heads, with upward and downward displacements. The name MOORE: He sometimes read the oo in a name as two zeroes — 0 0– as in POONS/P00NS — but selectively — also overlapping O at the ends: ONO, OHIO, OTTO, OSSORIO, ORAZCO et al. He needed the twoness of O as both O and 0 (for him) on an old portable typewriter. In a characteristic move, the identical letters in different arrangements in VIDEO and OVID reached DAVID and other overlappings. I need to read Moore phoneme by phoneme to see if in any way a verbal style has analogies with an emotional style of erotics denied. She seems to me like Anna Freud inhibited and repressed by her father, to whom she would have to tell about any sexual loves. For Ray and M.M., the image of a bat can be used to pry up lots of ideas and other images…


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